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Google Apologises

Google Apologises for Saving Some G Suite Passwords in Plain Text for Over a...

Google on Wednesday stretched out an apology to its G Suite customers in the wake of revealing that it stored passwords of some enterprise...

Google Says Its AI Can Predict Lung Cancer Accurately

A team of Google analysts has used a deep-learning algorithm to anticipated lung cancer accurately from registered scans. The work shows the potential for...

Finally Huawei has had enough of U.S. bullying

Yesterday, the Trump administration granted Huawei a temporary license that allows it to obtain parts and components from US companies for three months. Last...
Google and Huawei

Google gives Huawei a temporary reprieve by following the Trump administration

With Huawei on the ropes, the Trump administration yesterday granted the company a three-month postponement, allowing access to members and parts of the U.S....

Reportedly Huawei OS Will Be Ready As Android Alternative This Fall

Currently, Huawei is grappling with its Android licensing problem thanks to the executive order of the US president, Trump, to limit companies in the...