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Our Team

Meet the team behind the ATechGudies, We all love Tech and that’s why our family is growing. If you want to join us, Please use our contact page.

Our Team:

Alex Phil: Editor-in-chief
Alex Phil, He is an energetic essayist, appreciates arguing for the sake of arguing in publications, and looking into the most recent telephones and contraptions. He additionally doesn’t, for the most part, compose such exhausting sentences. Check Out His Work
Faiza Iftikhar: Contributor
Faiza Iftikhar, She is a geek by passion and Keeps an eye on whatever going on in the world of tech. Knows so much more about the Technology world.Check Out Here Work
Aaron Williams: Senior editor
Aaron Williams, Endeavoring to influence an existence I love out of what I do. Endeavoring to become a Professional Tech Blogger | Entrepreneur | Tech Geek.

Ali Raza: Founder

Our Founder and the guy who does everything behind the scenes. A tech geek who loves to share his work and research with all others.

Started working form Blogspot and now he is running unlimited projects on the Web. But from the beginning, he was into Technology and that’s why we created ATechGudies. You can reach to him using the following channels.

Contact: Email Facebook | Twitter.

Robbie Don: Reporter
Robbie Don, Our reporting guy, Robbie is the one who covers all the event abroad and provides us with the latest updates and leaks.